Making  your  Smile:
From Prevention to
Implant Restoration


We are happy to introduce the concept of CAMBRA to our office. It stands for “Caries Management by Risk Assessment”. Caries is the name of the disease that causes cavities in your teeth. Instead of waiting for cavities to form, we attempt to judge the risk factors for each individual, and treat accordingly. This can include instruction in cleaning your mouth, diet modification, and special preventive measures. We have now found that very early cavities can be “healed” with proper treatment. CAMBRA is a terrific concept and will prevent a lot of future dental problems.

State of the Art Care

We have state of the art equipment  such as laser, digital x-rays, digital photography, intra-oral cameras and electric handpieces (drills).
We are also happy to assist you if you are anxious about dental treatment. Just ask about our options. We also make sleep apnea mouth pieces for those who cannot use a CPAP machine.

For missing teeth, we offer dental implants and implant crowns at reasonable fees.

Would you like your dentist to give you personalized attention and care that most dental and medical offices don’t provide? Please visit us in Purcellville and see how pleasant dentistry can be.

* If you are a non-insurance patient and have a flexible schedule, please call us about our special arrangements for people like you!

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Comfort & Confidence

From the moment you call our office you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect by our experienced staff. We want you to feel like you can ask any questions and relax in our office. We will work out insurance issues and spend time discussing what you would like your mouth to look and feel like. We use state of the art techniques to make your choices clear and give you the best dental treatment available.

We are glad to meet new people that are trying to decide on a new dentist, so if you have any questions or just want to meet Dr. Smith, give us a call to set up a free consultation.

               Philosophy of our Office

To improve and maintain our patients’ oral health, function, and beauty in a conscientious manner and at a reasonable fee.

Within this philosophy, we have two main goals:

First, for any patient for whom we have assessed the risk of caries and periodontal disease, on whom we have completed treatment, and who follows our recommendations, that that person shall not develop any dental decay or have any loss in periodontal health.  This implies that we assess the risk of oral disease correctly, give recommendations that are effective, that our patient is motivated to follow through with our recommendations, and that we are aware of systemic medical conditions that may affect oral health. Toward that goal, we have developed an assessment form utilizing guidance from the American Dental Association, the Western CAMBRA Coalition, and principles of evidence based dentistry.

Second, when it is necessary to restore teeth, to do so in the most harmonious fashion possible, taking into consideration the various stresses on the teeth and the preference for aesthetics versus durability. This requires correct judgment of current conditions and thorough planning for the most beautiful, functional, and healthy outcome.

Also, overall tissue health is evaluated at every exam, screening for oral cancer and other diseases.