Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the greatest thing to happen to dentistry in my career.  We now have the ability to replace a missing tooth without placing crowns on the neighboring teeth or making a removable denture (in most cases).  We start by grafting bone, if necessary, to give adequate strength for the implant if the bone has shrunk. Then the implant is placed into the bone and left to heal for several months. Afterwards an “abutment” is put into the implant, which acts like a preparation for a crown. Then the implant crown is cemented on. Below are some implant cases showing the x-rays of the implants along with the finished crowns or bridges.

This dental implant case was necessary because of a failed bridge on natural teeth, where the teeth needed to be removed and three implants placed. The gums were prepared in such a way to make it appear that even the false tooth appeared to be coming out of the gums as a natural tooth would.


This dental implant case was for replacing one tooth with one implant and one crown.